Committed to its responsible operation and the goal of sustainable hospitality, Mitsis Hotels Group announces the publication of the third edition of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the year 2021.

The Report presents the Group’s new holistic CSR programme titled ‘A story of change’. The programme is built upon 5 key thematic pillars that exemplify the Group’s values and aspiration to act as a role model for sustainable tourism development in the country, contributing 5% of its annual net profit to social and philanthropic initiatives.

The Group’s dedication to the principles of sustainability is reflected in the programme’s 5 pillars:

Committed to our surroundings: We strengthen our local communities and ongoingly support volunteering and social activities
Enchanted with our Greek history: We revive and promote Greek tradition, support local arts and cultural festivals
Enriched by everyone: We strive to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and continuously develop our 4,500 employees
Amazed with new opportunities: We implement technological innovations, support scientific conferences and sponsor local talents
Concerned about the planet: We minimise the environmental footprint of our 19 hotels and protect the biodiversity of our 5 destinations
“We remain committed to our social responsibility and ensure ethics and transparency in all our operations. We recognise that our progress is inextricably linked with the prosperity of the local communities in our destinations, we continuously improve our environmental performance, and
we invest in digital transformation and the professional development of our employees. At a time when tourism’s shift from quantity to quality and the need for the protection of the environment are more critical and relevant than ever, sustainability is a lever of growth and a key criterion for our competitiveness”, notes Stavros Mitsis, Managing Director of the Group.