RONIX RH-3534 115×22.2x7mm Ceramic Cutting Disc


Ronix RH-3534 ceramic cutting disc with the use of bending resistant steel and high-performance diamond is ideal for efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs.

RH-3534 ceramic cutting disc is a 7mm disc with 115mm in wheel diameter.

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-Manufactured by advanced technology with fully automatic machines which ensures faster cut and longer lifetime

-High quality raw material formulation of diamond tips minimizes the friction and delivers a faster and cooler cut

-7mm height of cutting rim guarantees an optimum lifetime

-Manufactured from high quality steel with bending resistance that secures durability and enables efficient cutting during high-pressure jobs

-High-performance diamond can extend the long life and minimize the feeding rate

-Ideal for clean cutting in different kinds of ceramic tiles




Model RH-3534
Wheel Diameter 115mm
Material Steel
Segment Height 7mm
Dimensions 115×22.2×7 mm
Max Speed 13000 RPM
Tools Angle grinder, Tile cutters
Application Ceramic