RONIX 8990 20V 2A Battery


One of the most compact and lightest Lithium batteries in the market is the Ronix 8990 Lithium Battery.

This 2 Ah battery can consistently power all the 20V Ronix Lasting Series batteries in an efficient and effective way.

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-2.0 Ah battery charges quickly and provides consistent power to every 20V Ronix lasting series tools
-No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime
-Compact Lithium-Ion pack provides longer run-time than standard 20V battery packs
-LED battery indicator allows immediate feedback on state of charge
-Lightweight compact design for ease of use




Model 8990
Battery Chemistry Lithium-İon
Battery Voltage 20V
Battery Capacity 2.0Ah
Supplied in Ronix Color Box