RONIX 8992 22V 2.2A Fast Charger


The latest innovation of the Ronix company was engineering a set of tools powered by a single rechargeable battery.

What makes this series bold and different from other tools, is the quality of being powered by a single battery pack.

A battery to run all the tools makes it easier for craftsmen, who use a wide range of tools, and relieves them of the mess, which is caused by having a different battery and charger for each device.

Ronix 8992 20V Fast Charger is compatible with all Ronix 20V Lithium-ion batteries.

This charger also guarantees a long lifespan of the battery thanks to the safety mechanism.

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-Compatible with all Ronix 20V Lithium-ion Battery
-Fast charging system gives you the full charge in minimum time
-LED charging status lights let you know exactly when to get back to work
-Built-in safety features designed to prevent your battery from overcharging, over current, or overheating during use
-1.8-meter cable length for more convenient use




Model 8992
Input 220V, 50Hz
Output 22V, 2.2A
Plug Length 1.8m
Supplied in Ronix Color Box