RONIX 8993 22V 4A Fast Charger


Since the future of tools is seen as cordless, a battery, which meets the highest standards, is of vital importance.

Ronix group has manufactured its latest series of tools under the name of long-lasting series.

To achieve space and cost benefits, all the members of this family are powered by a single rechargeable battery.

The motto considered for this battery pack, one to run all, conveys the multiple use of it. In addition to a single rechargeable battery, a single charger for all the tools of the long-lasting series is also of great advantage.

Having a single charger and a single battery lets you get rid of the untidiness of several chargers and batteries for each.

Ronix 8993 20V Fast Charger doesn’t let you leave behind the schedule thanks to the fast charge system and also ensures maximum safety, thanks to the built-in safety mechanism.

Ronix safety system monitors the charging current, charging voltage and temperature during the entire charging process.

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-Compatible with all Ronix 20V Lithium-ion Battery
-Fast charging system gives you the full charge in minimum time
-LED charging status lights let you know exactly when to get back to work
-Built-in safety features designed to prevent your battery from overcharging, over current, or overheating during use
-1.8-meter cable length for more convenient use




Model 8993
Input 220V, 50Hz
Output 22V, 4.5A
Plug Length 1.8m
Supplied in Ronix Color Box