RONIX 8012C Cordless Drill Driver (Mega Series 12V)


Use this anywhere you need to make a hole or drive a screw, set a nut or tighten a small bolt.

It is the most common tool in any workshop, garage, or construction site. Ronix 8012C is useful for numerous applications; perhaps the most versatile item in the toolbox.

It’s one of the first tools, a woodworker, a mechanic, an attendant, …. should own.

It has enough strength to drill and drive screws into thick planks of wood.

As Ronix 8012C is cordless, you don’t need to be worried about finding an outlet near the work to power the drill. It’s equipped with 21 clutches.

When you push the button switch, the drill would normally apply all of its available torque (21NM) to the screw.

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-Compact, Powerful, and high efficiency motor enables top performance in different functions
-Ergonomic compact structure that weighs only 1kg and perfectly suitable for work in confined spaces
-21 clutch setting enables efficient and accurate screwing and reduces fastener damage
-2-sleeves keyless chuck type useful for many different applications
-High performance and long life 1.5 Ah Lithium battery
-2 speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications
-Efficient in hard-to-reach and dark places thanks to the best LED work light
-High resistance body designed with rubber grip decreases the risk of damage in case of falling or any kind of stroke
-Anti-shock soft grip ergonomic handle for perfect machine control
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performance in tight working situations


Motor & Gearbox

Ronix 8012C Cordless Drill Driver’s motor is based on one of the earliest designs for motors, which is the brushed DC motor. The magnet-based motor requires direct voltage to make the motor work. With the invention of rechargeable batteries though, removable battery packs have enabled the drills to be cordless. Ronix 8012C with its robust motor is one of your best options. The compact, powerful, and high-efficiency motor enables top performances in different functions. Ronix 8012C, by delivering 21N.m of torque, can help you drill and screw through any surfaces like wood with the max drilling capacity of 25mm), plastic or metal (with the max drilling capacity of 10mm). 21 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and reduce fastener damage. The 2-speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications; working with high power of 0-400 RPM and working with a high speed of 0-1500 RPM helps the motor function well ordered.


People who use drill chucks want to lose chuck keys. Over time the teeth of a keyed chuck can break, so it is making the process of opening and closing a traditional chuck difficult, but keyless chucks don’t have this issue. The design of the 10mm 2-sleeve keyless chuck in Ronix 8012C makes this drill driver useful for many different applications.


One of the most important things to consider about this cordless drill is its light body. An ergonomic compact structure with the only 1kg is ideally suitable for work in narrow spaces. The anti-shock soft grip ergonomic handle is designed to control the machine comfortably. Ronix 8012C has an LED work light that makes it efficient in hard-to-reach and dark places. In case of falling or any kind of stroke, a high-resistant, anti-shock body is designed with a rubber grip to decrease the risk of damage.


The larger the battery/motor voltage, the heavier work these tools can do. Ronix 8012C with 12V is one of the best drill drivers because you can drill larger diameter or deeper holes and drive larger screws. The fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations. Ronix 8012C has two high performance and long life 1.5Ah lithium batteries in its BMC case.

For Ronix 8012C, power is measured in battery voltage; 12V means, 21NM spinning strength to overcome resistance. All things considered, Ronix 8012C with 10mm keyless chuck and the maximum torque of 21NM is here to help you with your DIY activities.




Model 8012C
Battery Chemistry Lithium
Battery Voltage 12V
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah
Max Torque 21NM
Max Capacity in Metal 10mm
Chuck Type Keyless
Chuck Size 10mm
Max Capacity in Wood 20mm
No-load RPM 0-400 RPM0-1350 RPM
Weight 0.76kg
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Includes One 1.5Ah/12V battery, 1 Fast Charger