RONIX 1104 Corded Heat Gun (2000W/450-600℃)


The 1104 is designed to be the lightest but most practical item in your tool arsenal. Thanks to the light weight and the scientifically ergonomically designed handle, repeated stress injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders can be prevented. Because of the non-slip cover on the handles’ surface, the device fits greatly in your hands and provide you with a fatigue-free operation

The professional 2000W industrial motor on this device provides a large amount of power to quickly heat up to 600°C in just a few seconds.

From a safety point of view, due to the built-in overload protection system inside the heat gun, overheating is quite impossible during constant work.

How it works is switching the elements off in case of overheating. This heat gun is also equipped with a constant heat control system that continually controls the working temperature by switching the elements off and on again to stabilize the temperature at the desired level during the continuous wok.

These two mechanisms make your heat gun safer, more reliable, and also extends the service life. This device is built to be as dynamic as you need it to be.

The working temperature range (450-600 ℃) and two airflow speed control (1st:300L/min, 2nd:500L/min) can satisfy all the requirements of your worksite on any workpieces.

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-Efficient 2000W heat gun provides adequate power and quickly heat up to 600℃ in few seconds

-Built-in overload protection system shuts the heating element down for more service life

-Ergonomic design and handle with non-slip surface provides convenient handling

-Constant Heat Control for continuous work without overheating


Ronix 1104
Ronix 1104 Industrial Heat Gun is an ergonomic handheld device that blows hot air in 2 airflow speeds ranging from 450-600 ℃.

They’re commonly used in removing flaking paint and shrinking tubs.

The powerful 2000W motor provides adequate power and helps the device to quickly heat up to 600℃ in few seconds.



Model 1104
Current Flow AC
Operating Voltage 230V
Voltage Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power Output 2000W
Hot Air Output (℃) 450℃ & 600℃
Hot Air Output (L/min) 300L/min (450℃) & 500L/min (600℃)
Variable Output 2
Accessories 5 Nozzles, Scraper Tool
Net Weight 0.8kg (body)
Supplied In BMC