RONIX 2214K Corded Impact Drill (13mm/Keyed/750W/220V)


The Ronix 2214K Drill Kit, 13mm, 750W is included within a BMC case, and it has an auxiliary Ronix-design handle to allow the user complete control over the device.

Ronix 2214K Drill Kit includes a 750W motor with excellent resistance and extended life for drilling and impact drilling.

With a light weight and ergonomic impact drill, this kit can be used for a wide range of tasks in different materials.

Featuring a 13mm full-metal chuck, the Ronix 2214K’s design is tuned to maximize efficiency.

Its high impact rate makes it ideal for impact drilling. Because of the side handle, the power is maximized, and the ergonomic tiny body design makes it easy for the user to use the machine.

On the body, there is a switch for forward and backward rotation.  Since the reverse speed can be adjusted, the precise bit can accommodate a wide range of materials.

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-High resistance, powerful 750W motor for perfect functionality in drilling and impact drilling

-Ergonomic small handy body design enables fatigue free operations in different industries

-Full metal, strong 13mm keyed chuck

-360° rotating ergonomic side handle minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work

-Forward and reverse rotation functions

-Anti-dust switch and variable-speed reversing function for accurate bit starting

-Variable speed control for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials


Motor & Gearbox

The Ronix 2214K Drill Kit, 13mm, 750W is a powerful drill with a voltage range of 220 to 240V, a motor frequency range of 50 to 60Hz, and a power output of 750W. This excellent motor has a no-load speed range of 0 to 2800RPM and can drill through wood to a maximum depth of 25mm, steel to a depth of 13mm, and concrete to a depth of 13mm. The Ronix 2214K features a high resistance motor that allows it to function for extended periods of time before needing to be serviced. This function improves the drill kit’s performance and allows it to perform better in drilling and impact drilling.


One of the most essential elements of a drill is the chuck. The chuck size of the Ronix 2214K Drill Kit is 13mm, making it suitable for both industrial and household applications. To ensure optimum effectiveness, the chuck of this drill kit is built entirely of metal.


Ronix 2214K Drill Kit, 13mm, 750W is composed of lightweight materials to allow for a longer operating duration. This ergonomic small body design provides maximum power at minimum weight. The handle on the side of the drill kit has a 360° rotating ergonomic design that minimizes vibration and operator strain.


On the body of this drill kit, there are several switches, such as the variable speed control switch, which allows you to change the speed of the drill based on the project you’re working on. This variable-speed reversing function is also there for accurate bit starting. The next switch on the body of this drill is the forward and reverse switch, which allows the drill to go forward and back if necessary. The Ronix 2214K Drill Kit, 13mm, 750W is equipped with an anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration which eventually will lead to the tool’s longer life.




Model 2214K
Current AC
Voltage Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 220V
Power 750W
Max Capacity in Wood 25mm
Max Capacity in Steel 13mm
Max Capacity in Concrete 13mm
Chuck Type Keyed
Chuck Size 13mm
No-load RPM 0-2800 RPM
Weight 2kg
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-designed handle
Supplied in BMC