RONIX 3130 Mini Angle Grinder (100m-115mm/720W/8500RPM)


Ronix 3130 Mini Angle Grinder can tackle any task, including rust cleaning, cutting, and grinding with the best quality.

The device is equipped with a robust and high-performance motor, which delivers up to 8500 RPM no-load speed.

The three positions anti-shock side handle and ergonomically designed and lightweight body of the device maximize the efficiency in cutting and grinding operations in tight spaces and reduce hand fatigue to a minimum.

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-720W powerful motor for the best performance in cutting and grinding functions with 11000 RPM no-load of speed

-Slim, ergonomic lightweight body design completely suitable for work in narrow places

-Direct motor cooling system results in longer life time and brings more efficiency in various operations

-Quick change of disc guard for quicker and easier abrasive wheels replacement

-3 positions Ronix-design side handle for greater control, comfort & versatility in all applications

-Ronix-design wheel guard will prevent sparks and metal chips during use to protect the operators from injury


Ronix 3130 Mini Angle Grinder has a 720W motor to provide the best performance both in cutting applications and grinding operations. This motor is equipped with rotor and stator which are manufactured industrially and with the highest quality. One of the most important specifications of a mini angle grinder’s motor is its no-load speed. The motor of this outstanding power tool can deliver a no-load speed of 11000 rotations per minute (RPM) which when combined with 115mm / 110mm different wheels, becomes extremely powerful.

Ronix has designed a direct motor cooling system for its angle grinders. There are two sets of louvers on the body of this mini angle grinder. Through one of these louvers, the fresh air gets inside the device and with the help of a fan, the hot air is transferred outside the tool through the other set. The cooling system will ensure the tool’s durability and longer life. This system also plays an important role in the tool’s efficiency, as extreme heat may affect its overall performance.


Ronix 3130 and its ergonomically designed body makes it easier to do cutting and grinding operations in tight spaces. In spite of its outstanding performance and considerable power, this tool is also really light in weight (only 1.5Kg), which reduces hand fatigue, especially if you intend to work with it for long hours.

This practical tool comes with a protective wheel guard which is designed uniquely by Ronix. The guard guarantees the safety of the users when cutting or grinding. The ability to quickly change the position of this guard allows the user to put it in different positions in order to work at various angles. Changing the wheel in this mini angle grinder is done with a locking pin button.

To provide the users with more comfort and safety when working with it, the Ronix 3130 Mini Angle Grinder is equipped with a Ronix designed auxiliary handle to reduce hand fatigue. It also allows the user to work at various positions



Model 3130
Voltage 220V
Power 720W
Spindle Diameter M14
Wheel Diameter 100mm/115mm
No-load RPM 11000 RPM
Weight 1.5kg
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Accessories Auxilary Ronix-design handle, Ronix Wheel Guard