RONIX 4150 Electric Jigsaw (550W/3-speed)


4150 with a 550W universal motor is one the most efficient cutting tools in the market.

It can handle many different cuts from straight crosscuts through to intricate curved and scrolling lines.

Fit the right blade in and cut woods, MDF sheets or even metal sheets with nothing to worry about.

Soft rubber handle fits right in your hands due to ergonomic designs of 4150.

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-High-power robust 550W motor enables cutting up to 55mm depth in wood and 8mm in metal plate

-Light weight, compact design for more convenient use

-6-position speed wheel control from 1500 to 3000 RPM regulates the speed to adapt to the operator’s needs for optimal cutting performance on different materials

-3-position orbital action improves cutting control and cutting speed

-Tilting aluminum die-cast base plate allows precise bevel cuts at the most common angles 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°

-Ergonomic top handle promotes easy work and perfect machine control

-Lock-on button let prolonged use with maximum control

Detailed Description

Motor and Mechanism

A universal high-power 550W robust motor lies inside the 4150 and its ready to madly rotate and generate 1500-3000 RPM. This rotary power is then converted to linear power of blade clamper by using shafts. This much power is enough to make 55mm cutting capacity in wood and 8mm in metal plates.

Superior durability and longer life span are ensured in this tool because of the aluminum gearbox. Keyless Blade clamping mechanism is designed to be as efficient as possible. Its easy to change the blades by only turning the clamper lock gently to the left. The clamper will hold the blade in place tight and hard. Also, there is a lever action mechanism for easy and fast bevel cutting adjustment. As soon as you fit the blade you will notice a small wheel touching the back of the blade, and that’s nothing but an extraordinary roller blade guide which improves the strike power by pushing the blade forward during operation.

To overcome the heat problem which can be seen in almost all cutting tools, Ronix has designed an air flow cooling system by using a fan behind the motor. this fan not only cools the motor down but also pushes the splinters away and makes the cutting line visible during the operation. Killing more birds with one stone, there is a dust collector mechanism which uses the very same fan to collect all the dust around the cutting area.


The main trigger is on the handle and there is a dimmer switch with 6 different levels in order to control the speed of the blade (1500-3000RPM) for cutting different materials. There is a four-mode lever-like switch on the right side for adjusting the strike power level of the blade. And like all the other tools which you might need to hold the trigger for a long time, there is a lock on/off switch to help you with that.


The main handle is covered with soft rubber material which is considered to be an essential feature for all cutting tools to reduce fatigue and minimize vibration during long working hours. Tilting aluminum base plate allows precise bevel cuts at the most common angles of 0˚, 15˚, 30˚ and 45˚. Changing angles is very easy by using a hex key and by loosening the hex lock on the bottom you can tilt the body to right or left in certain degrees.




Model 4150
Current/Voltage AC 220V
Power 550W
No-Load RPM 1500-3000 RPM
Jigsaw Blade Type T-shank
Bevel Cutting Angle Capacity 0° to 45°
Orbital Action 3-position
Max Capacity in Wood 65mm
Max Capacity in Metal 8mm
Net Weight 2kg
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Accessories 2 Jigsaw Blades, 1 Hex key, 1 pair of carbon brush