RONIX RH-4007 Caulking Gun ( 9”/1800N/0.8mm)


The Ronix RH-4007 Caulking Gun is composed of robust aluminum alloy and casting steel, ensuring increased durability and a longer lifespan for this Ronix-manufactured equipment.

This caulking gun has a full-size grip that is meant to improve job comfort and efficiency.

When the trigger is released, an anti-drip mechanism immediately stops the substance from leaking.

The Ronix RH-4007 Caulking Gun delivers high efficiency and smooth flowing mechanically for viscosity materials, which is an advantage of this hand tool.

There is a long-lasting and trustworthy structural design, as well as an immediate pressure release tab that prevents excess caulk leaking and a pressure plate that transforms sausage packs to cartridges in the blink of an eye.

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-Made of durable aluminum alloy and casting steel for extra durability.

-Equipped with full size handle designed makes the work comfort and efficient.

-Anti-drip mechanism: Instantly stops material from dripping upon trigger release.

-High Efficiency and Smooth Flowing Mechanical Advantage for most of Medium-High Viscosity Materials.

-Durable and Dependable Structure Design- an instant pressure release tab, to prevent excess caulk leakage and a pressure plate that converts from sausage packs to cartridges in seconds.




Model RH-4007
Body Size & Weight 9 inches @ 580g (0.58kg)
Handle Material Aluminum Alloy
Tube Material and Wall Thickness Aluminum @ 0.8mm
Trigger Material Aluminum Alloy
Thrust Ratio/Pushing Power 12.1@ >1800N
Push Rod Diameter 7.8mm
Supplied in Ronix Plastic Bag