RONIX 3420 Cordless Die Grinder Set(3.6V)


Ronix 3420 is a cordless rotary kit with a high efficiency DC motor that offers a no-load speed of 5000-18000RPM.

This gadget is well-suited for a wide range of tasks due to its excellent performance and efficiency.

If the operator requires a certain speed, the variable speed adjustment allows the user to do so since it covers a large range of no-load speed.

Ronix 3420 has a locking pin system that allows the user to replace accessories more easily and quickly, as well as a high-safety mechanism.

This rotary kit’s bit holder ranges from 1.6mm to 3.2mm, and many accessories can be added to this rotary kit.

The charge level is visible with three lights, providing the user with complete knowledge of the amount of energy remaining on his/her device’s battery.

Ronix 3420 has built-in LED light illumination, which illuminates the workspace and allows the user to operate in low-light conditions.

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-Powerful and long-life 3.6V motor delivers up to 18000 RPM no load of speed
-High performance, light weight efficient device, suitable for a wide variety of operations
-accommodate up to 3.2mm bit holder for different kinds of accessories
-Ergonomic compact design which promotes user comfort & grip during extended using
-Digital LCD display for more convenient no-load of speed adjusting
-Equipped with LED light which illuminates the dark zone and brings optimal brightness in the work area
-Variable 6 speed adjustment regulates the speed to adapt to the operator’s needs
-Locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations




Model 3420
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage 3.6V
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah
Disc Diameter 100mm
Collet Size 1.6mm/2.4mm/3.2mm
No-load RPM 5000-18000RPM
Weight 1.2kg
Supplied in Ronix
Includes One (1) 1.5Ah/3.6V battery, 1 Fast Charger